About Us

Mediware Consulting & Analytics

Mediware Consulting & Analytics Group, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading provider of blood management consulting, education and analytics solutions to drive sustainable value for quality-driven hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States. Founded in 2006 as Strategic Healthcare Group, the company was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediware Information Systems, Inc. in September 2012. Effective September 21, 2015, the company fully integrated to the Mediware brand and is now doing business as Mediware Consulting & Analytics Group.

Hospitals using Mediware Consulting & Analytics’ proven change management process have achieved significant reductions in blood utilization – typically 20-50% – resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary transfusions, while significantly improving patient safety and the quality of care. 

The group’s expert staff includes a diverse group of physician advisors including a former hospital executive & surgeon, a trauma surgeon, hematology-oncology specialist, internist and pathologists, along with experienced nurses, and risk managers - all passionate advocates for evidence-based patient blood management programs. These clinical blood management experts along with our experienced program managers guide clients to implement evidence-based transfusion safety practices using our signature Strategic Blood Management™ E4 Process and resources available in the Strategic Blood Management Portal. 

Strategic Blood Management Portal

Launched in 2010, the Strategic Blood Management Portal is a valuable resource for Mediware clients. At its core is the patented BloodStat® Multidimensional Analytics database that allows hospitals to benchmark their blood usage data against patient records from hundreds of other institutions across the US. In addition to the solid data and reporting capabilities, the portal offers online access to the complete set of the tools a hospital needs to drive a successful blood management program. Begin exploring the three components of the portal, Blood Management Analytics™, Blood Management University® and Blood Management Exchange®, to see how they work together to help you make sustainable improvements to blood management at your institution. 

BMA Dashboard is the latest addition to BloodStat® Multidimensional Analytics (to be rebranded Blood Management Analytics™), enabling clients to proactively manage the performance of their blood management program with near real-time metrics. To learn more, ask your Program Manager or contact us PBMsales@mediware.com 

Or visit www.mediware.com/blood/consulting to learn more about services provided by Mediware Consulting & Analytics.